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Starter Mini Session - $44.00

1 Question

Approximately 10 Minutes

 Small Business Session - $299.00

1 Chart + Business Profiling

Approximately 2 Hours

Follow up Support

Soul Family Session - $399.00

6 Charts

Approximately 2 Hours

Follow up Support

Compatibility Session - $222.00

2 Charts

Approximately 1 Hour

Follow up Support

Star Session - $155.00

1 Chart

Approximately 1 Hour

Follow up Support

Star Mentoring Package - $444.00

1 Chart

Approximately 1 Hour x 4

Follow up and Ongoing Support

All sessions via Facebook video call include a free Mp3

Tawnya will contact you to schedule your session once payment is received

All sessions with AYAM JOURNEYS and  the Practitioners associated, are intended for informational and wellness purposes only. No guarantees, implied warranties, or assurances of any kind are given. And as such, AYAM JOURNEYS will not be responsible for any interpretation made or used by the recipient of the information and advice mentioned above. Please note that you must be 18 years or older to book a session with any of our Practitioners without prior parental/guardian consent. Sessions are non-refundable.​

Booking a session with one of our Practitioners means you consent to this agreement.

What I Do

Mystical Numerology

Mystical Numerology is an extraordinary process by which one can delve deeply into nature's patterns to reveal paths of upliftment and fulfillment.

Advanced Theta Healing®

Advanced Theta Healing® is a technique that focuses on thought and prayer in co-operation with the unconditional love of Creator Of All That Is.

Animal Communication and Pet Healing

Just like people, pets can hold onto energy that is no longer beneficial for them. Does your pet require a healing? What is your pet trying to tell you?


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing in virtually every known illness and disease.


Check out our sample itineraries, or begin designing your own! We are always eager to create a unique group experience to suit your needs.


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