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5 - The Principle of Rhythm

Everything Flows, Out And In. Everything Has Its Tides. All Things Rise And Fall. The Pendulum Swing Manifests In Everything. The Measure Of The Swing To The Right Is The Measure Of The Swing To The Left. Rhythm Compensates​. In all rhythm there is recurring motion, change, and activity. Everything "comes back" in time. Rhythm perpetuates the phenomenon of time. History repeats itself.

Understanding the dynamics of rhythm makes it possible to ease some of its more severe effects. This principle is intimately connected to the principle of polarity , since polarity illustrates that there is rhythm between every pair of opposites. Together these two principles have been used to form aspects of mental alchemy regarding methods of counteracting and neutralizing energy. Rhythm enables transition, change or motion; manifesting the existence of two opposite extremes. Everything moves and vibrates to certain rhythms. Everything in existence is in a dance. When something advances, another thing must retreat. We are referring to seasons, cycles, stages of our development and patterns occurring in our lives and in the Universe.  We need to stay in flow throughout these rhythms of life.

The masters knew how to use the energy of this principle, rather than being used by it. They accomplished this through neutralization. By raising the ego above the vibration of the collective unconscious so that the undesirable swing of the pendulum was not manifested in their personal consciousness, masters accomplished a type of immunity from the collective illusion of limitation. The law of compensation is an effect of the law of rhythm. It is an immutable law and maintains calance in all things.

Even science has shown us that very little is actually fixed in place and symmetrical in our reality. Consequently, neither is our perception, nor are our ideas, and not even are our realities are fixed. This includes the celestial heavens above our heads and the earth below our very feet.

Teachings Reflecting The Principle of Rhythm:​


Personal Development of The Art of Rhythm:

​In harnessing rhythm and becoming a conscious creator of the flow of your own life, the next time your feathers get ruffled - rise above it and create a new rhythm by becoming the cause to cultivate the unknown within. With all of its aches and pains, it requires a dedicated personal commitment to cultivate the unknown within in order to take a quantum leap in the evolutionary process of life. In polariing your thoughts to your higher self rather than to the ego, and in choosing not to participate in the backward swing of the pendulum when it is not desirable, you become empowered as a creator and navigator of your own authentic experience. Once you have reclaimed your free will to rise above it, use the law of reflection as a tool to learn more about yourself and to recognize self limiting patterns and cycles through correspondence. Activate the law of action by making conscious changes in your physical world, keeping in mind that in many cases the smallest changes make the greatest impact!

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