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Sabina Leszczynski

Synchronicity initially brought me to Tawnya. When I set up our first session, I didn’t know what to expect. I was floored by what she revealed to me. I had things nagging at me but never had any kind of confirmation that my thoughts were true and not just crazy thoughts.

Tawnya has a real gift. I was unsure if the session would help me, but she honestly surpassed my expectations. I subsequently reached out to her for guidance for my husband, and recommend her to many of my friends with total confidence and trust in her insights.

What she can offer is a clearer understanding of your life purpose, a deeper look into your past and future, and how it affects your evolution as a person. She paints a clear image of the things that may be holding you back, and brings to surface truths that you already know but may not have the tools to fully utilize in reaching your true potential in this life. She reveals your strengths and your weaknesses, providing you with a new perspective on things you may already sense in yourself. You come away with the tools to begin to open your heart fully. You gain the confidence to begin the work necessary to expand your gifts and realize your higher purpose in this reality.

Working with Tawnya feels easy and comfortable. She possesses the natural gift to make a person feel unjugded, at ease, and fully open. She emanates compassion and a true nurturing feminine presence. At the end of a session with Tawnya, you are left with a strong sense of motivation and direction. It is a profound and all encompassing experience that I highly recommend for anyone who is feeling unsure or lost in their search for peace and well being.



Tawnya has been a mentor and soul instructor for a long time now. She is responsible for helping me transform my life and to spiritually awaken me. She guided me right through my dark side and showed me how to understand my soul. Tawnya helped me navigate through many adverse situations when I was completely broken, made me aware of universal laws, and taught me invaluable lessons of sacred geometry. Thank you for making me aware and bringing all of this into my reality. 'In lak'ech ala k'in' and thanks a lot!

Kenny Baldwin

Thank you Tawnya for lifting the weight I have been walking around with for so many years! I am free to move on and have accomplished so much since! Thanks for your guidance and for providing a life changing experience.


Tawnya Zeytinoglu is the person, the lady, that first informed me of the life-changing results that come from practicing "Ho'oponopono". I am so very thankful that I followed my intuition, reached out to Tawnya, and asked her to help me. My life has improved very much and continues to improve. And as I look for the first major turning point, I see that it began with our session. Thank you Tawnya! Love & Light to You & Yours ♥


Tawnya has been mentoring me through Mystical Numerology, Universal Laws and Advanced Theta Healing for over a year now. Tawnya’s intuitiveness in recommending essential oils and teas for medicinal and emotional blockages is amazing. Her honesty and no nonsense approach creates an environment for positive growth. By seeing and understanding where I was sinking in my limiting and destructive patterns, I now understand and recognize these tendencies which allows me the ablility to make uplifting and positive choices for myself. I feel like a new person - ready to stand on my own two feet and to move forward in my life! I am so grateful for her passion, persistence and integrity while working with me.


Tawnya is very good with helping people - she has guided me through so much of what I have been going through. Tawnya has inspired me to not be afraid and to open up to my gift of healing and make it stronger. She has also helped teach me how to raise my energy as well. I just want to say she is really awesome - thank you so much Tawnya!


My destiny is to teach spiritual development. I know this, its in my soul to teach. Ever since Tawnya gave me a numerology reading it gave me the solid proof I needed that I was not insane and that all these spiritual messages and encounters were real. I am still moved from the power it had over me to help me see things perfectly as they were. You got me over the dark hurdle I needed to get over. I was so lost and angry. During that time we first met I had just lost my home, my job, my car, my friends, my mobility - my spine was horrible. I felt stripped down and lost. You helped put it all together. I cannot tell you in words how much sense you made when you explained my life and why I was going through my issues. It changed my entire outlook on my life and I felt like I got a new lease on life and a new beginning instead of the short end of the stick, and its been all great ever since. I stay focused on my purpose now and you are part of my success. Thank you! I am forever your friend. You will be in the credits of my book someday. I am a Spiritual Life Coach now and I have no problem promoting your services right next to mine. Its always a choice and people need choices. LOVE & LIGHT.

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