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Advanced Theta Healing®

Advanced Theta Healing® is a technique that focuses on thought and prayer in co-operation with the unconditional love of Creator Of All That Is to do the actual “work.” It is believed that by changing our brain wave to a theta state through the natural process of entrainment, we can actually watch the Creator Of All That Is create instantaneous physical, mental, emotional healing. Sometimes, this has been described as an attainable miracle for your life. Book your session with Tawnya today! See what other Services we offer.


How does Advanced Theta Healing® work?

Advanced Theta Healing® works by connecting the the Creator of All That Is through the Theta brain state. Using the theta brain wave allows for a direct connection to the Creator. Sometimes it is a matter of downloading feelings from the Creator that a client has not yet experienced benevolently. Other times digging work is required to hone in on a root level belief that is holding you in an unpleasant experience. Once identified, a certified Theta Healer® witnesses the healing, thus grounding it into your reality.


How can Advanced Theta Healing® Help me?

With the client's free will, Advanced Theta Healing® has the power to instantly heal emotional, physical and spiritual challenges.


How does Advanced Theta Healing® differ from other energy work?

Many forms of energetic healing use Source energy that is channeled through the healer.  With Advanced Theta Healing®, Source energy is directly linked to the person receiving the healing, without any interference. The energy and the overall healing are not channeled through the Advanced Theta Healer® which, in turn, means that any biases, prejudices, and beliefs held by the human healer are not impacting the healing of the client.


Is there anyone who shouldn’t use Advanced Theta Healing®?

Advanced Theta Healing® can help anyone with anything that they truly want to be free of. The key is that the individual being treated must want to be healed, believe it possible to be healed and be willing to explore beliefs that may be standing in the way of that healing. If you are not willing to look deep within to find the root cause, this is not the modality for you. Ultimately, free will dictates.


Are distance sessions effective?

Sessions can be done in person, via Skype, on the telephone, and  they can even be done via email or instant messaging if need be. Healing can be successful no matter the mode of communication. It matters more that you are well hydrated and open to receiving the healing!

Advanced Theta Healing

Did you know? Your beliefs create your reality.


What is muscle testing?


​Muscle Testing is a non-invasive way of testing the body’s imbalances and/or subconscious beliefs. It is used in Kinesiology, Theta Healing and Chinese Medicine, to name a few.


Our subconscious mind is our entire body system, including over 650 skeletal muscles. Everything is stored in our body. Muscle Testing is a technique used to communicate with the muscles, and the body. It works as a complete mind-body connection. 

It would be empowering to learn how to muscle test for yourself. If you choose to have an Advanced Theta Healing® session, it is our intention to provide you with easy to use tools to do so.


​Please Watch: Muscle Testing for Theta Healing


Drink plenty of water. It is important to be fully hydrated for your muscle testing to be clear and strong.


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