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The Law of Self

​Know Thyself. Finding self is the most important thing you have to do. Realize that you are the most important person in your world and treat yourself as so. You are not higher or lower, but equal to all others. Only to the degree that you know and love your own individuality, can you truly know and love others.


3 Principles to understand The Law of Self:

1. There is as much of spirit in you as in anyone else.
2. Your needs and wants are as important as those of anyone else – because of that divinity within you.
3. You should give care of yourself first priority as compared with anyone or anything else you are involved with – because of that divinity within you.


"This above all; to thine own Self be true."

William Shakespeare


To consciously apply the Law of Self, you must give of yourself in any given activity only to the point to which you begin to feel depleted (physically, mentally, or emotionally). You do not move in opposition to what feels right for you, even if this conflicts with another. Where depletion of self is present, you are no longer honoring the divinity within and you have placed another person, situation or condition, higher than self and the spirit within. We maintain our integrity and manifest it in all we do when we apply the Law of Self consistently. Honoring self is not selfish.

To apply the Law of Self in the highest way, you must find what makes you joyful, what makes you feel good deep within, what feels ‘right’ to you, and what you love to do. These are your true needs and desires that stem from deep within. They are the needs, wants and goals of the real you. In determining these and honoring them, you are recognizing your divine essence. By that act alone, you are beginning to fulfill this law. In determining and then honoring these, you are able to channel your true divine essence, creating the prototype for your authentic self to shine through. It is easy to turn away from the task of finding self because we do not realize its importance since it goes against the societal norm. We have many concepts of our responsibilities to others that are often based on beliefs derived from misperceptions of our personal relationship to spirit, and seldom are they based on the laws. Universal Law ascribes no responsibility to us for others. Our only responsibility is to the spirit within. You are responsible only for being all that you can be – using the gifts and talents you have been given to enable you to fulfill your life’s purpose. As you do that in the highest way you can, you are helping your neighbor by your own example. Note: This law does not say: take care of your mind and body when something goes wrong. It says to do it first and foremost! If you wish to help others, this law requires that your first priority be to care for self spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.


"As you put the God within first in your Life, so you manifest the God that you are."

Edgar Cayce



The vital point in applying this law is to put God first always. This is a real challenge because our world doesn’t help. It produces dozens of exciting diversions for us in every single moment. We cannot go off to a cave or mountain; we have to accept these diversions as a part of our world, and whatever they are, experience them from that higher point of view. As we begin to put God first, we begin to think as God, to love as God, and to live as the goddess or god we are. We come to see that God is with us at all times as our conscience, so we gain confidence in the presence and have constant guidance.




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