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The Law of Transformation

​Old Beliefs And Aspects Of Ego Must Die And Be Replaced With New Ones If We Want To Grow. When we avoid this natural process, we remain stifled and lifeless. Through the eyes of the soul, we understand death as a mere transition into more.

​Belief is causation in and of itself - it determines our circumstances and ultimately the experiences that we attract into our lives. It is also a healthy function within the process of transformation in that underlying circumstances are broken down and created anew, meaning: a marriage ends, we become ill, we lose our job - you get the picture? We experience a "fall". Depending on the lessons you are needing to learn, the karma that needs to be accounted for and balanced, and how crafty you have been in blocking yourself from learning your lessons - depends on how far you fall. By resisting the "little deaths", we miss our doorways leading to personal liberation and overall regeneration. When we don't allow regeneration from within, it will simply trickle into our lives and regenerate similar circumstances and patterns, giving us another opportunity to grow and evolve.

​Through each experience of transformation, we have the choice to be the caterpillar and view the world through the eyes of limitation; or to experience the butterfly and the world of expansion. As Deepak Chopra teaches, 'The body is not a structure, it’s a process. This year’s version of your body is a recycled model of last year’s. At the level of molecules and atoms, you are constantly reinventing yourself. Your DNA holds millions of years of memories, and is recycled every six weeks at the level of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen.' Most of humanity is not aware of this perpetual and eternal state of change, and so transformation is not an active or conscious manifestation.

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