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The Law of Increase

The Spirit of Your Actions Multiplies The Result. You plant the seed, and the amount of increase you receive depends upon the spirit in which you have sown it. Your integrity and your persistence to use what you have available to you will also affect the fruits of your endeavor. Your overall purpose, your sincerity and your willingness to follow through are the aspects to harmonize for overall fulfillment.

On the other hand, if you have a great fear about anything, you are planting seeds of fear in your life. You may resort to buying into ideas and gadgets to shield you from your own unconscious manifestations. This creates the atmosphere of safety and security outside of yourself, but these locum are not of value unless they enable you to overcome your fears from within, not just forget about them. Taking premature actionoutside of self without doing the necessary work to resolve what attracted the experience to you in the first place, may actually be more harmful and debilitating overall, than taking no action at all. According to the law of increase, the greater your fear, the greater the chance you will manifest it and therefore reinforce its claim on your life. Re-focus, re-align and remember, the universe is not biased - what you put in, is what you get out.


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