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The Law of Forgiveness

​​Forgiveness Heals And Empowers The One Who Forgives. The Law Of Forgiveness Works With The Energy Of Allowance And The Law Of Love So That One Is Able To Transmute Limiting Frequencies - thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions expressing themselves through us. The old energy of an eye for an eye keeps the vibration of an individual very low, and therefore in a world riddled with fear and scarcity.

Forgiving someone else does not condone their actions or lessen your power. In fact, forgiveness empowers you and it frees you. Why? Because ultimately you are forgiving yourself: you are the other. On a spiritual level, we are all one. As you release your stories of limitation and victimization, you release the anchors that hold them in your now experience. This particular shift allows you to attract new possibilities and create improved probabilities for yourself. The act of forgiveness releases repressed emotions such as guilt and anger that create actual toxins in your physical body. These toxins block the neural and energetic pathways so the body cannot heal itself. To forgive is to release old grudges, anger and resentment, allowing the law of grace to activate in your life. The karma that an individual has stored in his or her Akasha is transformed, providing the catalyst for a re-formation of personal expression and experience. Peace is the natural outgrowth of the Law of Forgiveness; and the Law of Forgiveness along with the application of love, creates harmony. Forgiveness is holiness (wholeness) and it always involves varying degrees of self responsibility and a change in perspective, giving endless opportunity for resolution and ongoing personal upliftment.

On the other hand, forgiving yourself can also literally heal you, since all disease is repressed and discordant energy that gets bult up and stored in the body, leaving us toxic. Through self forgiveness, these reminders and memories have permission to release, and although uncomfortable in the short term, it allows you to shift your perception and remove your own veils. True healing will now commence. As you recognize the repetitive pattern(s) occurring around you, forgive yourself for attracting the discordant experience(s) into your life to begin with.

When using forgiveness as a healing tool, remember that we, as well as our dramas, are layered - forgiving someone for standing you up last friday is a good step towards exploring the deeper truth of the need for self correction.

Ultimately, forgiveness is a mystical revelation and an experience that frees you from your lessons and karmic entanglements.

Forgive yourself! Your higher self does!


Personal Development of The Law of Forgiveness via Ho'oponopono:


Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian healing practice used to “make right”, or to correct an error. The correction is forgiveness. Forgiveness cleanses the subconscious mind so you can see through the eyes of the divine within you. Forgiveness is also a way of clearing unconscious programming, enabling us to be at peace.

Dr. Hew Len was hired to head an understaffed ward of dangerously ill criminals at the Hawaii State Hospital in 1980. Overwhelmed with this task, he sat in his office daily, reviewing patient charts while practicing Ho'oponopono as taught to him as a child.

Dr. Len took full responsibility for his feelings of repulsion, anger, and shame. Each and every day Dr. Len continued to do Ho'oponopono as he read all of the atrocities in each patient’s file. He recognized that some aspect of him that was related to this situation needed to heal. As he healed and cleared his own emotions that he was feeling while reading the charts, the patients healed. Memories are freed up and you can see clearly through the eyes of the divine in you, and thus others are naturally free to heal as a result. Over time this ward became a bright place to be, patients took part in cooking and other social activities. The number and severity of the patients continued to reduce until this ward was closed at the end of three years; each person released was considered rehabilitated. Trust that as you clean the negativity in yourself, you and others will heal.

**If you notice that you have a particular area where there is a recurring pattern, something is trying to get your attention. Once you learn the lesson, your feedback will change**

Ho'oponopono - 4 Simple Lines That Will Change Your Life!

I am sorry” (taking full responsibility for calling this situation to self, and the role that "I" played in it)

Please forgive me” ("I" have been totally unaware of the programming within me that has manifested this person, or this thing "I" am upset about, these feelings, this situation...into my life)

Thank you” (for this gift of awarenss, and for this co-creation of healing and growth)

I love you’ ("I" recognize and embrace you)


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