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My Passion



  •  Supporting and inspiring individuals in evolving beyond self limiting patterns and belief systems


  • Empowering others in reaching their full positive potential through universal concepts and self love



I am fueled by my desire to inspire others to awaken to their true potential. Utilizing my natural intuitive abilities combined with my commitment to wellness, I assist others on their own journey of self discovery. True and lasting change – both for the individual and for our planet – comes from making conscious and empowered choices to change patterns of thought and behavior that are not aligned with our True Self. Our thoughts and our beliefs create the foundation for our reality, and naturally, lasting wellness occurs when we are a co-operative component with ourselves.

All too often people become a victim to their circumstances and as a result, give away their inner power and strength to people and things outside of themselves. Personal power struggles and self sabotage between the Ego and the Authentic Self often manifest with Physical, Mental and Emotional symptoms. I believe that our symptoms are the key to recognizing, understanding, and unwinding the invisible chains that keep us feeling trapped. Our pain is our greatest teacher and when we shift to experience it as such, something fundamental begins to transform in our lives ~ ​a new world emerges.

​The path that I have chosen in this lifetime involves personal Alchemy and the transmutation of self limiting patterns and beliefs to create a benevolent and authentic experience for myself, and by association, for others. My mission is one of integration and wholeness; a Heart centered way of Being. Through my experiences and studies I have realized that there is rarely a clear cut way to heal. Each person possesses a specific blueprint that contains unique coding for Self Actualization. We are evolving Beings and as such, I recognize that we require dynamic vibrational insight. Healing is an intimate process resulting in the transformation of the false layers of Self so that the true essence of one's Soul can be revealed. I am honored to guide and support you in unlocking the codes of your most authentic and joyful experiences.



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