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Our Story

Stories about the process of becoming. How did we get to where we are?
AYAM JOURNEYS - Authentic Experiences Through The Mystic Heart

​What does it mean? How it came to be.​    

​​​​It all began one afternoon back in August 2010. Tawnya was in Toronto sitting on a balcony reading A Course in Miracles when something compelled her to look up. As she responded to this subtle impulse, this is what was radiating before her!

With her phone conveniently beside her, she was able to capture an essence of its brilliance. It was simply breathtaking, and better yet, it seemed like it was only for her to experience since no one else was in sight.

After the moment had passed, Tawnya returned to reading A Course in Miracles, although only a short time later there was something else vying for her attention. It just so happened to be a beautiful birch tree in front of the balcony. After getting somewhat acquainted with the idea of communicating with a tree so freely, she sat attentively with a pen and paper and wrote down everything that was impulsed to her from this sacred friend; knowing that archetypes such as the 'family tree' exist, there was an instant understanding that this was indeed an ancestral connection she was exploring. The information that was channeled in the days that followed had much to do with cause and effect, karma, and other principles and laws that were not very well known consciously to Tawnya before that point.


Then, after weeks of writing, something completely different came through. It was a word problem of sorts, relating to the Maya of all things.​ Here is a condensed version of what was received:




Perplexed with this word problem in front of her, Tawnya sought understanding. She finally said it out loud three times. Each time it became that much more clear; AY-YAM easily morphed into I AM. The great I AM (AYAM). True reality is hidden in Maya (illusion).​

Being very excited about this hidden gem, she wanted to know more. It seemed so important yet so incomplete. Seeking for answers outside of self, Tawnya contacted many qualified researchers and authors, sharing this information with them. She was disappointed and slightly deflated with the lack of interest. Most did not even respond. And those that did weren't open to assisting her. It got to the point that she just wanted to give this information, and consequently her newly blossoming empowerment away along with it. Her worthiness issues were becoming obvious, even to her. Thankfully the universe had a different agenda.


Slightly overwhelmed, she was not yet able to conceptualize that the development and experience of the idea of AYAM (I AM) connecting through The Law of Self, is what would give it all the meaning she yearned for. Whether she realized it or not, after letting go of attempting to instantly define it and put it safely into a box, is when it all began to come together.

Over the years, other meanings and definitions for Ayam have come into Tawnya's awareness. None so complete as the symbol for the Heart Chakra. AY-YAM are two tones for the Heart Chakra. This of course rekindled the burning desire to know exactly what this information was supposed to mean. However, now she possessed the faculties to nurture and explore it within herself. Following her innate curiosity, she realized that this symbol was layered with meaning and purpose in her life. And finally, that it was up to her to define it for self, and consequently for the rest of the world.


This journey has obviously impacted the creation and evolution of Ayam Journey's tremendously, as it is something we offer and share freely with others through the work we do. AYAM has ultimately grown to represent the journey of self; The hero's journey. The experience of being a spark of I AM in physical form, and our journey back to our Source; Oneness. The I AM of which we are all a divine spark of. Ayam Journeys is the intentional journey through the Heart Chakra (AY-YAM), connecting you to your soul. As we ascend to the greater aspects of ourselves, veils will be lifted and illusions must fade, all according to universal law. Ayam Journeys came into reality to act as a vessel to support and guide those that are in the process of unwinding the illusions surrounding their true divinity, and to create pathways of freedom for all.


Heart Chakra Tones




This is the most recent of my many defining moments – I thought that it would be a good place to start. In time I will be adding more as I filter through my memory banks of illnesses and experiences and find a final resting place for them all here; where hopefully they can inspire others to gain some knowledge through me, and make better choices to flow through their own experiences more flawlessly. It is time to lighten the load And we all have a story to share. Here is my story about Tikal, December 2012.

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