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7 - The Principle of Gender

Gender Is In Everything. Everything Has iIts Masculine And Feminine Principles. Gender Manifests On All Planes​. No creation, whether physical, mental or spiritual, is possible without this principle.​​ Gender allows for expansion through procreation.

​The principle of gender obeys the principles of polarity and rhythm. In one circumstance manifesting the masculine aspect, and in another the feminine. The masters described gender as a hermetic concept which relates to the masculine and feminine principles, rather than the physical expression thereof. Gender exists on all planes of existence, but represents different aspects on different planes. The principle of gender recognizes the compliment within all self contained units in the Universe. The focus of this principle is: generation, regeneration, and creation.

The masculine aspect of this principle is always in the direction of focus, giving out, or expressing new thoughts and ideas. It is associated with the will. The feminine aspect is always in the direction of receiving impression or responding to the will, and it is magnetic in nature. The feminine aspect is associated with emotion, and it has a much more varied field of operation than its divine counterpart. In essence, the masculine initiates a creation and the feminine produces it, both symbiotically designed to compliment the other. The pattern and the vessel complete each other offering a new stage of experiential creation. The Universe manifests gender on each plane, operating along the lines of its masculine and feminine aspects. On the great spiritual plane, gender manifests as the Father/Mother principle of the infinite omnipresent God in whose mind the Universe is conceived and firmly held.

Teachings Reflecting The Principle of Gender:


Personal Development of The Art of Gender:

​Our masculine and feminine attributes within ourselves are seeking balance and harmony at all times. Sometimes we thrive in an environment of doing, and at other moments it is in being that serves us best. What's incredible is that innately we know exactly what this is. Go deeper than your ego desires in any given moment of time, and discover the ways that your soul wants to be nurtured utilizing the teachings of each principle to come into a more conscious and empowered state of Being. This means breaking out of the dualistic confines of our conditioned pathways, and creating harmony between differing aspects and dimensions within self.​ It is up to us to open ourselves up to the gender principle to create balance in our lives. By consciously achieving a balanced state within self, we will reflect Universal harmony outside of self.

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