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The Law of Compensation

​Everything That You Experience Is Merely The Consequence Of Your Previous Actions. The Law of Compensation guarantees that in the long run every Integrity is rewarded, and that each inconsistency is redressed - in silence, in certainty, and ultimately, in divine order. Rest assured that the Law of Compensation will balance every variance thereof. This energy permeates the very fabric of our reality, for every single day we are reaping the harvest of our previous sowing. Our creations always come back to us.


If you do not appreciate what comes to you in your life, you must modify your own ideas and your behavior, rather than attempting to alter the feedback system itself. It is not the fault of the universal laws, anyone or anything else if your experience is less than enjoyable. In your world, It is only you who has not been applying the laws coherently. If there is something in your life that you want to change, in order to remove it from your experience you must first uproot it from within your soul, or from within your mental/emotional body so that you don't immediately re-create identical challenging feedback, getting you caught in an ongoing rut of good intentions.

Taking this law into consideration along with the law of increase, you can easily understand why thinking positively or the use of mantras to increase your vibration would graciously alter the path to your destiny. Spend your Energy thinking about and promoting wellness, love, and benevolent outcomes, and surely these will come to you. However, the results are not immediate since we are living the fruits of our previous sowing. You have to wait and allow for the completion of each process, in divine time.

​As you become familiar with, and allow space for the Law of Compensation to manifest, you will effortlessly realize that your whole life is actually centered around the spirit of giving – the giving of love, appreciation, praise, time, support, effort, attention and substance. How do you give? In accord wit the law of love? The law of self? In the spirit of harmony? Every time we give, we plant a seed. As Jesus said, 'It is more blessed to give than to receive.'



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