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The Law of Karma

Until You Have Resolved Your Karma You Will Continue To Reincarnate Into Sequential Lifetimes Upon The Earth. This is a natural consequence of the principle of causation. You decide what you require most in order to learn and move into more of who you are. Karma ensures that all experiences are recorded in the Akashic Records, and eventually balanced. Loving deeds, emotions, thoughts and words are ‘credits’. Negatives are ‘debits’. The universe will call these up for us to experience and grow from, sometimes when we least expect it. Rather than viewing karma as 'bad, or 'good' in dualistic terms, we can soften our association by calling it a divine learning process, and recognize that unfavorable experiences are a signpost that it is time to stop and reflect. Karma is a learning process for the soul - meaning as people use their free will, they experience the effects of same. Some have adopted limiting and dogmatic beliefs that karma is a system of punishment or retribution, rather than as a systematic concept of eduction and enlightenment.


Generally speaking, as souls we choose our family prior to our birth. For each life experience we seek out other kindred souls, often with shared histories, and always with larmic configurations matching our precise needs. We choose our particular family because we want another opportunity to finally resolve personal challenges within like themes. We also choose our genetic predisposition and therefore our body and its structure. Taking all of this into consideration, our moment to moment thoughts and emotions play an integral role in our overall health and vitality. This is our personal karma or lessons. Difficult family relations may be a consequence of unresolved issues and feelings, or situations in alternate timelines. Conscious healing of these realities is often referred to as ancestral healing, offering us the lessons our soul needs to experience for growth within the group. It is key to remember that there is no one that bestows suffering upon you other than you, yourself; when you choose not to learn the lessons that you planned to grow and move through.

According to Zoroaster (a Persian prophet), as often as the same causes return, the same effects will in like manner return. The soul perpetually runs and passes through all things in a certain space of time. In this performance it is compelled to pass back again through all patterns and unfold a similar web of creation in the world. Whenever you act, you create karma on some level of reality. Actions are considered to be thoughts, emotions, words and deeds, along with the motive, desire and intent behind each. To achieve soul growth, disharmonious acts must be balanced. Through living within ideals of the law of self and the law of forgivenss, we are able to heal all karmic relationships.


"Karma is memory coming to consciousness again.

What has occurred in the past is recalled and has an effect on the present."

Edgar Cayce



Personal Development of the Art of Karma:

If you have the Wisdom to learn your lessons through love, the law of grace and the other universal laws, you can mitigate your suffering. We seem to learn fastest through pain, which tends to brings us back to our feeling center and in alignment with our search for God. Pain is caused through the direct experience of our actions or lack thereof, and also through those of our ancestors. When we truly embrace that which we created (consciously or subconsciously), and learn the lessons we planned for ourselves, we are able to turn karma into our most powerful gift accessing our super-conscious awareness. Keep in mind that all lessons are layered with portals for exploration of self discovery, and the higher our vibration is the faster our lessons return to us, giving credence to John Lennon's musical genius, 'Instant Karma'. Edgar Cayce believed that reincarnation was a process by which the soul/mind could learn about divinity, self and others, through relationship. The Law of Karma is a great trainer for the soul - not to be viewed as punishment or retribution, but as education and enlightenment.

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