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The Law of Action

To Manifest The Things We Desire We Must Engage In Actions Which Support Our Desires As Well As Our Thoughts, Dreams, Emotions And Words. No matter what we feel or think, we know that no matter what our potential gifts or talents may be, only action brings them to life. We only create true knowingness when we act on something or take a leap of faith. In doing so we create a blueprint we can label as inspired action - the law of attraction in action. It is only through inspired action and conscious doing that brings true experiential understanding. You may not always take the 'right' steps or make flawless choices - how could we ever learn if we did? From personal experience I can say that by taking the first step, you will always get closer to your dreams. In some instances, a first step is all you need; other times it takes a bit more diligence. Using the law of love and the law of action you can quickly and easily transform your entire world!


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