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Mystical Numerology

Mystical Numerology engages you in a process of opening to greater possibilities and future probabilities through balancing the conscious, subconscious and super conscious aspects of self. Mystical Numerology compliments and incorporates Sacred Geometry, Universal Laws and other Ancient Sciences. Most importantly, its very foundation is based upon the flow of nature and it therefore stands the test of time. To book a session, please contact Tawnya! See what other Services we offer.


Why Mystical Numerology?


Mystical Numerology is an extraordinary process by which one can delve deeply into nature's patterns to reveal paths of upliftment and fulfillment. ​​ Through balance, Nature seeks to rise to a higher level or octave at all times, and being nature we do the same. Nothing in nature can be reduced down to any one singular thing. The answer is always found in the harmony and/or disharmony of triads in our vibrations. Mystical Numerology is ultimately a way of life that brings forth the highest expressions of creation. It truly is a Sacred Science.


​​What is a Triad?

All Triads subsist within the Monad. 

The triangles exist inside the sphere or globe.

Each globe is the Monad.

The Monad tells us that there is self discovery, self creation and all answers exist inside.

If the answers are not visible to us then we look to balancing the Triads

found within the Monad.


By balancing 3 energies at one time (keep visualizing the triangle), we have completion within our processes. This opens us to be more expansive, versatile, flexible and imaginative in all phases of our lives. When we open the door to consistently living in a 3-step process, we simultaneously open ourselves to greater and higher potentials not only within self, but within the world and Universe as well. In realizing that change is the only constant, we can no longer be single minded with a focus in one direction as we engage the process of opening ourselves to greater possibilities and future probabilities within the movement of our own energy.


"In every World a Triad shineth, of which;

the Monad is the ruling principle."

Chaldean Oracle


How does Numerology incorporate Nature's patterns, Universal Laws, and other Ancient Sciences?

Utilizing The Law of Archetypes, Mystical Numerology incorporates all of these creating a dynamic resource for exploration of self.


What is Mysticism?

Mysticism has been depicted as a close relationship with God. According to the ancients, it is found in the adept that is searching for truth. When a person awakens the Spark within and begins to strive to be a more fully embodied human, certain qualities of awareness arise surrounding even seemingly normal functions. This is referred to as Mysticism.

Mystical Numerology

Did you know? Mystical Numerology was adapted and evolved from Babylon, Chaldea and Ancient Egypt.

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