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Are you ready to balance the scales?


March 20 2024 - May 1 2024


Ma'at Matters


Class Description & Topics


As we move into the Age Of Aquarius we are required to look at and process life in new ways. When we re-introduce and apply Ancient Principles into our modern world, our experiences reflect this with greater overall success and deeper personal fulfillment. Throughout this LIVE Online Class you will attune to new perspectives that empower and enhance your daily life while you acquire the tools necessary to ‘make your heart as light as a feather’, and align with your destiny.

  • Secret Teachings

  • New Age Feminine Energy

  • Ascension and Resurrection

  • Shadow Work/Emotions

  • Alchemy/Transmutation

  • Mysticism

  • Numerology




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Class Instructor


Tawnya spent most of her early life attempting to suppress her clairvoyant and psychic abilities. After her Near Death Experience in Tikal during December 2012, she was brought face to face with her mission: To teach others how to connect with their heart and help them remember what they came here to do. In June 2013 Tawnya founded Ayam Journeys, dedicating herself to coaching her clients using Mystical Numerology as her preferred interface. Her philosophy is deeply rooted within the realms of ancient science, nature, hermetic principle and inner alchemy. Her extensive social media following is a living testament to her passion for sharing, supporting and empowering others, which has been instrumental in uplifting the lives of her clients and followers alike.

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